Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Beginner/Intermediate Silks

This class is taught by:

Andrea Milne

Aerial Instructor

Andrea was hooked on aerials from her very first class at Firefly Circus and Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta in 2011. Starting from barely being able to dangle from her knees on the trapeze, to learning big tricks twenty feet in the air, it’s been a love affair, only slightly marred by bruises in interesting places. After training for two years in Edmonton, Andrea continued her practice at Esh Aerial Arts in Somerville, Massachusetts, where she learned exciting moves like the death defying ‘Big Russian Slack Drop,’ and ‘The Blender'. Andrea has attended aerial workshops and instructor training sessions at the New England Centre for Circus Arts (NECCA), in Brattleboro, Vermont.  

Nicole Smith

Aerials Instructor

Originally from Kitchener, Nicole grew up being a competitive gymnast which fed her passion for physical art and body awareness. As an adult, aerial arts became her new love to keep physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Through the years Nicole has studied at a number of circus schools including École Nationale de Cirque, in Montreal, Quebec. She has taken her love of aerials and wants to share this exciting form of art and fitness with others through instructing. Nicole now lives on the outskirts of Stratford with her partner, a bunch of rescue animals and some chickens.
This class is ideal for those who have already taken Beginner Silks through one or more times but are not quite ready to move into Intermediate. Both levels of curriculum are welcome and will be taught in this class and students will be encouraged to work at their own level.