Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Master Class - Pole

This class is taught by:

Natalia Skomorowski

Guest Instructor

Natalia had been dancing since she was three years old and has sustained her love of expression through movement and music all her life. She has also trained in gymnastics, weightlifting, and more recently, aerial circus arts. Pole is now her passion and she is very excited to help others reach their goals and point their toes!
Natalia was formerly the Lead Instructor and Pole Program Director at Brass Butterflies.  She has since moved out West to follow her career in engineering, but Kitchener is her family's home and we're lucky to have her back again this holiday season, if just for a short visit.  

Laura Nickels

Pole Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor
Laura has been pole dancing since 2010 and became and instructor in 2012. She originally started pole dancing as a New Year’s resolution and has been hooked ever since. She is an Advanced level student herself and thoroughly enjoys the sense of mastery that comes from perfecting a new move, especially when it’s an inversion. Her all time favourite move is the Cross Ankle Layback. In 2015 Laura took on the new challenge of  learning and creating choreography and performed a beautiful routine in the VerticaLove Pole Dancing and Artistry Showcase in Hamilton.  Laura has a degree in Psychology along with minors in philosophy and sociology. She works at an insurance company during the day.

Ievgeniia (Jane) Skliarenko

Pole Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor
Ievgeniia (Jane) has been active in dance and fitness since she was 7 years old.  She discovered pole fitness and began taking lessons in Russia.  When she moved to Cancun, Mexico, she earned her Instructor Certificate with Martin Solis and Aleksandr Zakirov. While living in Cancun, she taught pole classes at Pin Up Infinity Studio.  Jane is currently a student in the Global Hospitality Management Program at Conestoga College.
This class is geared to those who have mastered the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum and are ready to move beyond. In order to be invited into the Master Class, students must be comfortable with Shoulder Mount, Aerial Inversion on both sides, Superman, Cat Pounces, Leg Switches (Scorpio to Gemini) with no hands, and Pike Hip Hold.

The curriculum for this class is constantly evolving as we work on new and trendy moves as well as old favourites that never fail to impress. Featured moves may include Ayesha, Pencil, Hip Holds, Cartwheel Mount, Iguana Mount, Brass Monkey, Twisted Grip moves, and many more. We also work on spinning pole for portions of this class.