Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Sexy Songs and Stilettos

This class is taught by:

Heather Poulin

Owner, General Manager, Instructor

Heather has been pole dancing since April 2010.  Married mom of two, she started taking lessons at a studio in her hometown of Oakville when she was 35 years old.  In her first year of pole dancing she fell head over heels in love with pole dancing and alternative group fitness.  Pole inspired her to make healthy changes to her lifestyle.  She lost more than 50lbs that first year, but, more importantly, she regained confidence she had lost in her journey into motherhood and reconnected with her sensual side, learning to love her body again.  She became an instructor at the Oakville studio after just a year, also starting down the road to certification in yoga and other group fitness. After becoming an instructor, she even designed some non-pole fitness classes that were incorporated into the studio's drop-in program.

In the fall of 2012, the opportunity presented itself to purchase her own studio in Kitchener and she took the leap into entrepreneurship, moving her family to the Waterloo region the following year.  The years since then have been an incredible journey.  She loves all the amazing people she meets every single day in this business, be they students, instructors, suppliers or fellow entrepreneurs.   She loves introducing new students to Pole Dancing, Aerial Arts, and general fitness, and nurturing the incredible community that has developed in our studio.

Heather is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist with CanFit Pro, certified Pole Instructor through the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, and has completed instructor specific training with the Aradia Fitness Canada, YogaFit Canada, and the US Pole Sport Federation, just to name a few. She also holds as Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from McMaster University.


Natalia Skomorowski

Guest Instructor

Natalia had been dancing since she was three years old and has sustained her love of expression through movement and music all her life. She has also trained in gymnastics, weightlifting, and more recently, aerial circus arts. Pole is now her passion and she is very excited to help others reach their goals and point their toes!
Natalia was formerly the Lead Instructor and Pole Program Director at Brass Butterflies.  She has since moved out West to follow her career in engineering, but Kitchener is her family's home and we're lucky to have her back again this holiday season, if just for a short visit.  

Ievgeniia (Jane) Skliarenko

Pole Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor
Ievgeniia (Jane) has been active in dance and fitness since she was 7 years old.  She discovered pole fitness and began taking lessons in Russia.  When she moved to Cancun, Mexico, she earned her Instructor Certificate with Martin Solis and Aleksandr Zakirov. While living in Cancun, she taught pole classes at Pin Up Infinity Studio.  Jane is currently a student in the Global Hospitality Management Program at Conestoga College.
This class is for that sexy diva in us all. Combining sassy floor work, walks and spins. No big tricks in this one. Just flowing, liquid movements and smouldering glances. Choreography and music choices will be sexy and seductive and shoes are an absolute must.