Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Megan Pollock

Pole, Chair Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor

Megan started taking pole dancing lessons in March 2014. Previously, she had tried a few classes at Ottawa Pole Fitness, and couldn't wait to try it again when a friend told her about our studio. Back then, she couldn't lift her body weight, and was terrified at the thought of going upside down! Now, 2 years later, she has performed in 2 troupe routines and had one solo performance in studio showcases. She also competed with a group in the Great White North Pole Competition in June 2015.

In summer 2014, Megan started taking the Burlesque Chair Fit Cabaret class, and instantly loved it! She loves learning new choreography to all different types of music, and also enjoys the fact that the class doesn't feel like exercise, but you still get a great workout. She took over the class in September 2015, and has recently discovered her passion for creating new and interesting chair choreography of her own. She even got to try her hand at pole choreography with the beginner/ intermediate troupe at the 2015 Halloween Showcase!

Megan can't wait to share her enthusiasm and sense of humour with her current and future classes!

Megan Pollock instructs the following:
  • Intermediate Pole
  • Taking it to the next level, students will evolve their inverted repertoire to include leg hangs, and our namesake move, the Butterfly.  You'll learn spins that will make you feel like you're flying around the pole (Spiral, Twister, Cobra to name a few) and you'll even learn to lay back from a sitting position and hold on with just your thighs.  WOW!  

  • Intro to Pole (NEW 8-Week Program)
  • New to Pole Dancing?  This is where to start! Our introductory level will give you to the perfect foundation of basic pole conditioning, floor work, beginner holds and spins to get you started. These classes are challenging, lively and fun. No previous pole dancing experience required!

    What to Expect:
    In the Intro to Pole level of our Pole Dancing curriculum, you will begin each lesson with a warm up and some fun and sexy floor work designed to make for great dance and transition elements in your pole routines but also to build your strength for the pole work. You'll then spend the rest of each class learning the foundations of movement on and around the pole starting from walking around the pole to some basic strength and spin moves. You'll finish off each class by "dancing it out" where your instructor will lead you through a mini routine on the pole.

  • Chair Dance Cabaret
  • Get a full body workout in this fabulously fun and sassy class. We'll start each class with a warm-up followed by some intensive toning and sculpting using the chair as a prop. In the second part of class your instructor will teach some fun chair choreography to a different song each class.

  • Beginner/Intermediate Pole
  • This class is ideal for those who have already taken Beginner Pole one or more times, but do not feel ready to move into Intermediate. Both levels of curriculum are welcome and will be taught in this class and students will be encouraged to work at their own level.