Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Ievgeniia (Jane) Skliarenko

Pole Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor
Ievgeniia (Jane) has been active in dance and fitness since she was 7 years old.  She discovered pole fitness and began taking lessons in Russia.  When she moved to Cancun, Mexico, she earned her Instructor Certificate with Martin Solis and Aleksandr Zakirov. While living in Cancun, she taught pole classes at Pin Up Infinity Studio.  Jane is currently a student in the Global Hospitality Management Program at Conestoga College.

Ievgeniia (Jane) Skliarenko instructs the following:
  • Masters Elite Pole
  • For the elite pole dancer who may be thinking about competing or needs even more challenge than our Masters curriculum can give them.  Featuring the latest and greatest, and trendiest moves.  The instructor will evaluate who may attend this class.  This is not meant to be exclusionary but will help to prevent injury as the moves in this class should be attempted by only very strong, very experienced pole students.  If you are new to our studio and wish to arrange and assessment to see if you belong in this class, please contact the studio.

  • Fit and Flexy
  • Combining conditioning exercises with flexibility training, this class is specifically designed to improve strength and flexibility in all the places you need it to enhance your regular pole or aerial practice. Struggling with inversions? Have to work your core. Is climbing getting you down?  Need to work you upper body.  Want to really rock those super flexy floor tricks or get your splits?  We work on that in this class!  From basic spins to the trickiest tricks, this class will prepare your body to conquer them!  
    Fit and Flexy does not use any apparatus (poles, silks or hoops). It is almost exclusively body weight exercises and stretching, possibly with the aid of blocks and straps if required. It is designed for all levels of pole and aerial students and modifications are given for beginners through to advanced students. You don't even have to be a pole or aerial student to enjoy the benefits from this class.  Techniques used may include, but are of course not limited to, high intensity interval training, dynamic stretching, PNF stretching.  You'll leave this class feeling like Jell-o (in a good way).

    Please bring clean indoor running shoes for the warm-up portion of this class. It is also recommended that you wear long pants and sleeves, or tights or leg warmers to keep the heat in your muscles as you stretch them.