Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Nicole Smith

Aerials Instructor

Originally from Kitchener, Nicole grew up being a competitive gymnast which fed her passion for physical art and body awareness. As an adult, aerial arts became her new love to keep physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Through the years Nicole has studied at a number of circus schools including École Nationale de Cirque, in Montreal, Quebec. She has taken her love of aerials and wants to share this exciting form of art and fitness with others through instructing. Nicole now lives on the outskirts of Stratford with her partner, a bunch of rescue animals and some chickens.

Nicole Smith instructs the following:
  • Beginner Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
  • Aerial Hoop, or Lyra, is a circular bar apparatus. This class focuses on beginner-level tricks and developing the strength and technique to advance to more complex skills.

    Beginner Aerial Hoop is a curriculum session class and students should start in week 1 (or 2 at the latest) of the session and commit to attending as many classes in the session as possible their first time through a level. The program is progressive and skills will be built upon week over week.

    Please wear long, close-fitting pants, tights or capris. No zippers or buckles on clothing and no watches, bracelets or rings, please.

  • Intermediate Aerial Silks
  • Moving up and building on the skills and strength built in Beginner Silks, students will work on moving tricks up into the air, training their aerial inversions, learning more intricate tricks, strength moves and even your first simple drop. Students should be comfortable with climbing, inversions from the ground, and wrapping their feet in the air before moving on to Intermediate.

    Pre-requisites: Students should be able to climb at least halfway up the silks, perform inverts and hipkeys from the ground, and wrapping their feet in the air before moving on to Intermediate. Please ask an instructor if you're not sure if you're ready to move up. Transitions should be made to the next level at the beginning of an 8 week session.

    What to Wear: Please wear close-fitting, long pants, tights, or capris and bring a t-shirt that covers at least your arm-pits or long sleeves if you wish to protect arms. No rings, bracelets or watches please. No zippers or buckles on clothing.

  • Intro to Aerial Arts (NEW 8 Week Program)
  • New to the world of Aerial Arts? This is a great place to start. The 8-week Intro to Aerial Arts class is a mandatory prerequisite for any Beginner level aerial class. It will focus on building strength and learning the fundamentals of Aerial Hammock, Silks, and Hoop. With an emphasis on technique and safety, this class will introduce you to basic positions, moves and climbs/mounts for each apparatus. It is a great way to try all three apparatus before choosing which to focus on. Don't let the belief that 'I just don't have the upper body strength,' or 'I'm not flexible enough' keep you on the ground. Those things will come with practice! Every ability is welcome. No previous aerial experience required!