Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Lindsay Bellaire

Manager of Aerial Programs

Lindsay is the Artistic Director of Theatre Arcturus where she co-created, choreographed and performed in WEIRD (Best of Fest 2015 Ottawa Fringe, Cutting-Edge Award 2016 Toronto Fringe), Rough Magic, and the more family-friendly Lumberjack Show. Before Arcturus, she directed STALLED in the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival. After graduating from the University of Windsor’s BFA in Acting program, she trained in aerial arts at the Toronto School of Circus Arts, and other studios in the GTA. As an aerialist she has performed her acts at festivals and events across Ontario, with a brief tour to China in 2015. She loves to bring her experience back to the studio as an instructor; after running a small studio in Muskoka under Arcturus for almost two years she is now joining the team at Brass Butterflies in Waterloo, where she’ll be leading the aerial program.

Lindsay Bellaire instructs the following:
  • Halloween Showcase Mixed Aerials Performance Troupe (2017)
  • This is a six week aerial choreography session that culminates with performing in a group performance at our annual Halloween Party and Showcase to be held in the Brass Butterflies studio the evening of Friday, October 27, 2017. All levels of aerial students who have completed at least one session of Intro or Beginner Aerials at Brass Butterflies (or equivalent) are welcome to join.  You will be asked to select an apparatus (Silks or Hoop).  By registering for this session you are committing to attending all sessions and practices, learning the choreography and performing in the showcase. It is very important for the experience of everyone in the troupe that you commit to attending all sessions. If you miss more than one of the weekly sessions (due to illness or emergency), you may be asked to drop out of the troupe or practice on your own time to catch up on a case-by-case basis. No refunds for dropping out after the first week.

  • Beginner Aerial Silks
  • Learn to fly on Aerial Silks! This class focuses on the basics for climbing, inverting (going upside down), and wrapping for beginner poses, as well as building the strength and technique you need for progressively more advanced tricks.

    Beginner Silks is a curriculum session class and students should start in week 1 (or 2 at the latest) of the session and register for all 8 weeks of the session. The program is progressive and skills will be built upon week over week.

  • Intermediate Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
  • For those who have mastered the basics, this class focuses on more advanced tricks requiring a greater level of strength and technique, as well as stylization and the basics of performance on hoop.

    Prerequisites: Completion of the Beginner Aerial Hoop program at Brass Butterflies or equivalent from another studio, ability to do a pullover, at least one unassisted chin-up, tuck-through and reverse (also known as skin-the-cat). If you're unsure if you are ready for this class, please contact Brass Butterflies to determine your eligibility.

  • Advanced Aerial Silks
  • Moving up and building on the skills and strength built in Intermediate Silks, students will work on moving tricks up into the air, training their aerial inversions, learning more intricate tricks, strength moves and even your first simple drop. Students should be comfortable with climbing, inversions from the ground, and wrapping their feet in the air before moving on to Intermediate.

  • Advanced Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
  • For those who have mastered the basics, this class focuses on more advanced tricks requiring a greater level of strength and technique, as well as stylization and the basics of performance on hoop.

    To join this class, students should have the ability to consistently tuck-through (skin-the-cat) to knees on the lower bar, invert in the ropes, do 2 full chin-ups or pull-ups, demonstrate a solid 1-arm hang, and should have completed Intermediate Hoop at Brass Butterflies or the equivalent at another studio.  Contact reception to have the appropriate pre-requisites added to your account.

  • Youth Aerials (12-17 years)
  • Is your preteen or teen enchanted with the beautiful acts they’ve seen performed in Cirque du Soleil style shows? Now they can try aerial arts for themselves. Aerials are a great way for youth to build strength, coordination, and confidence.

    Basic technique and skills will be taught on both aerial silks and hoop and students may also be introduced to aerial hammock and static trapeze. Class sizes are kept small (a maximum of 6 students to one instructor), and students will progress at their own speed and comfort level.

  • Intro to Aerial Arts (NEW 8 Week Program)
  • New to the world of Aerial Arts? This is a great place to start. The 8-week Intro to Aerial Arts class is a mandatory prerequisite for any Beginner level aerial class. It will focus on building strength and learning the fundamentals of Aerial Hammock, Silks, and Hoop. With an emphasis on technique and safety, this class will introduce you to basic positions, moves and climbs/mounts for each apparatus. It is a great way to try all three apparatus before choosing which to focus on. Don't let the belief that 'I just don't have the upper body strength,' or 'I'm not flexible enough' keep you on the ground. Those things will come with practice! Every ability is welcome. No previous aerial experience required!