Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Andrew Tran

Andrew Tran instructs the following:
  • Aerials Practice/Open Gym
  • This will be supervised but non-instructional time for students to use the aerial apparatus and practice their skills. Sharing may be necessary depending on which apparatus you wish to use.
    PLEASE NOTE: You must be currently registered in or have previously completed at least one aerial session at Brass Butterflies or have equivalent experience form another studio/gym.  
    Practice/Open Gym Etiquette
    1.  Warm-up before and stretch after you practice.  This helps prevent injury.  
    2.  There will be an instructor present in the studio to supervise you for safety, however they are not there to instruct you.  You may ask them for a spot if you're working on/practicing a move that you have already been taught in class but which requires spotting for safety. The instructor reserves the right to say no to spotting a move they're not familiar with or to ask you not to try the move if they feel you are not ready to attempt it safely. They may chose to give you tips or corrections but they are not expected to instruct during practice/open gym.
    3.  Please only practice moves you have already been taught in class. Practice is not the time to try the latest move you saw on Instagram. If you're interested in learning a specific new move, please speak to your instructor and maybe they will be able to work it into your regular classes or create a workshop around it. An instructor may ask you not to practice a move if they observe you executing it in such a way that could result in injury. We just want to keep you safe.
    4.  No teaching each other. It's okay to show off your mad aerial skills to your friends at practice, but please do not attempt to teach them new moves. If you're working on the same moves and wish to offer your own experiences such as "I found that move you're working on easier when I moved my hand a bit higher", that's okay, but please understand that if you are not a trained or certified instructor who has been engaged by the studio to teach, then you are not covered by our insurance for liability should an injury result.  
    5.  Share the space and the stereo. Take turns putting your own music on if you wish.