Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Katie O'Neill

Pole Dancing Instructor
Katie was inspired to take her first pole dancing lesson in 2012, after watching a performance by Jenyne Butterfly. She is constantly pushed to improve her grace and strength by everyone in the pole community. As an instructor she enjoys having fun in class, and helping students reach their goals. One of her favourite spins is called the pretzel, however, she does not share the same love for the food pretzel. Katie hopes to help her students achieve the same confidence and strength that pole dancing provides her.

Katie O'Neill instructs the following:
  • Beginner Pole
  • In Beginner Pole we introduce progressively more intricate and strength intensive spins and holds on the poles.  As you build your strength we will prepare you to do basic inversions and climbing the pole along with even more dance, transition and floor moves to round out your pole repertoire.  Just a few of the featured moves in this class will be Chair Spin, Diamond Spin, Push-pull Holds, Windmill, Climb and Sit, Basic Inversion, Snake Dismount 

  • Intermediate Pole
  • Taking it to the next level, students will evolve their inverted repertoire to include leg hangs, and our namesake move, the Butterfly.  You'll learn spins that will make you feel like you're flying around the pole (Spiral, Twister, Cobra to name a few) and you'll even learn to lay back from a sitting position and hold on with just your thighs.  WOW!  

  • Master Class - Pole
  • This class is geared to those who have mastered the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum and are ready to move beyond. In order to be invited into the Master Class, students must be comfortable with Shoulder Mount, Aerial Inversion on both sides, Superman, Cat Pounces, Leg Switches (Scorpio to Gemini) with no hands, and Pike Hip Hold.

    The curriculum for this class is constantly evolving as we work on new and trendy moves as well as old favourites that never fail to impress. Featured moves may include Ayesha, Pencil, Hip Holds, Cartwheel Mount, Iguana Mount, Brass Monkey, Twisted Grip moves, and many more. We also work on spinning pole for portions of this class.

  • Intro to Pole
  • New to Pole Dancing?  This is where to start! Our introductory level will give you to the perfect foundation of basic pole conditioning, floor work, beginner holds and spins to get you started. These classes are challenging, lively and fun. No previous pole dancing experience required!

    What to Expect:
    In the Intro to Pole level of our Pole Dancing curriculum, you will begin each lesson with a warm up and some fun and sexy floor work designed to make for great dance and transition elements in your pole routines but also to build your strength for the pole work. You'll then spend the rest of each class learning the foundations of movement on and around the pole starting from walking around the pole to some basic strength and spin moves. You'll finish off each class by "dancing it out" where your instructor will lead you through a mini routine on the pole.