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Spring in a University Town


I've come to realize, in my fifth April of owning and managing our studio, that spring is a bitter-sweet time. Being located in a region with three major post-secondary institutions, and a couple more in neighbouring towns, more than half of our pole and aerial students tend to also be post secondary students.

April and May are a time of transition and change. We see a lot of very stressed out, caffeine maxed faces in the studio in April, that is, if we see them at all. Then, near the end of April, the goodbyes begin. Many of my bright, amazing, talented butterflies spread their wings and fly away from Waterloo, for the summer, for a semester, or forever. I feel a fierce pride, maybe not deserved, but seeing their successes after their struggles, and seeing them setting out on the next leg of their journeys, inspires maternal feelings in me. Maybe I only saw them once per week for a short time, or maybe they became a fixture in our studio over their years in school, making us their home away from home (or school). Either way, I feel like our studio played some part in their time here and they had a role in our studio community.

So, to all of our student butterflies, congratulations on making it through another year or earning you diploma or degree, or getting that much coveted co-op position. To those of you who are leaving us for a time, good luck, have a wonderful summer, and fly back to us safely. To those who are leaving us forever, or at least for a long time, we will miss you and I hope you will stay in touch and come back to visit whenever life permits.

Thank you all for being such a huge and important part of our community and my life. <3

Mama Butterfly


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