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(Guest Post) Bringing Gentle Yoga to Brass Butterflies

Contributed by Maya D'Alessio

I’ve been attending Brass Butterflies as an aerials student since November, and I love it here! The classes, the community, and the instructors are awesome. Before ever coming to the studio, I had been regularly practicing yoga, and in the past year I completed my yoga teaching certification.

Within my first month at the studio I found that my body was struggling to adapt to the intense demands of aerials, and it was easy to push past my limit without noticing during a workout. I found the back line of my body was continually tight and achy, and it started causing headaches. Eventually it got so persistent that I had to stop and pay attention to my body. Using what I’d learned in my yoga teaching, I reconfigured my yoga practice to relieve muscle tension and make space in my body. Changing my yoga practice to compliment aerial training had a strong positive effect, and I do not think I would have stayed relatively injury free without it.

A month ago I sent Heather an e-mail asking if she would be interested in letting me teach gentle yoga at the studio, so I could share my experience with other students. She agreed, and here we are today.

The aim of the yoga class I will be teaching is to gently provide muscle relaxation, improve joint mobility, and decrease tension in the body. Practiced regularly, I believe this will compliment your aerial or pole training, and allow your body to stay strong and in balance.

This Monday (June 26) at 8:30pm will be the first class, free to try!  Students of any experience level are welcome, and encouraged to attend.  Be sure to register in advance to hold your spot.  I hope to see you on the mat!

Body TLC Yoga class description:
A gentler class, great for recovery and rest days, that aims to target our pole dancer and aerialist "trouble spots", making space in the body through movement and relaxation of the muscles. Key areas of focus will include the hips, the back, the shoulders, ankles, wrists, and the chest. Taking time to connect with these areas of tension will help to maintain mobility and flexibility and prevent injury.  No previous yoga experience is needed, all are welcome!

About the author:  
Maya D’Alessio is new to the circus world and is currently addicted to aerial hoop (Lyra). She completed her yoga teaching certification last year and is now making it her mission to bring yoga to the Brass Butterflies community. She has a passion for gentle, restorative, and relaxing yoga to help restore the body and mind, especially after the rigours of an aerialists training regimen! When she’s not in the studio you can find her at home with her cats or in her graduate research lab slowly getting closer to graduation.


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