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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I’m Brand New to Pole Dancing or Aerial Arts (Silks or Hoop). Where Do I Start?
I’ve taken classes at another studio, do I have to start from the beginning?
How do I progress through the curriculum levels?
How long are classes?
What do I wear to classes?
I’m feeling a bit nervous! What can I expect from my first class?
How do I sign up for a class?
Do you offer Drop in Classes?
Do you offer private lessons?
What is your missed class policy?
Do you have a refund policy?
How do students benefit from Brass Butterflies classes?
Who teaches Brass Butterflies classes?
Are the pole dancing classes overly sexy?
I haven’t worked out in a long time or ever… will I be able to keep up?
Is there an age requirement to take your classes?
Do I have to wear those crazy high heeled shoes for pole dancing classes?
Is there any nudity in classes or workshops?
Are men allowed in class?
Are you an inclusive studio/safe space for the LGBTQ community?
Do you sell gift certificates?
I am, or a friend is, getting married/celebrating a milestone birthday/just want to have fun! Do you host parties or private events?
Is there a weight limit for class?
I don’t have a dance or gymnastics background (and to tell you the truth, I’m not even that coordinated!). Can I still take class?
What if I want to take more than one class a week?
How much do classes cost?
I have NO upper body strength! Can I still take class?

Q.  I’m Brand New to Pole Dancing or Aerial Arts (Silks or Hoop).  Where Do I Start?

A.  Pole Dancing:

For students brand new to pole dancing, we require you to register for a 4 week Intro to Pole session. This session will build your strength and proficiency in foundational pole skills, and prepare you for your first full 8 week session. When students are confident that they have mastered the basics of pole they may progress to Beginner Pole in week 1 of the next session.

A.  Aerial Arts:

For students brand new to aerial arts, you may choose to take a 4 week Intro to Aerials session.  However, unlike pole dancing, it is not required. The benefit of taking this introductory course is that it will allow students to try out both aerial silks, and aerial hoop before enrolling in a full 8 week session of a single apparatus. This introductory course will also help build the strength and confidence required to take your new skills up into the air. 

Please visit our curriculum class schedule to see upcoming session dates and to register for an Intro or Beginner class.  

Q.  I’ve taken classes at another studio, do I have to start from the beginning?

Thank you for choosing Brass Butterflies! As the popularity of pole and aerial fitness continues to grow, we understand that many students may have already taken classes at another studio.  We cannot wait to welcome you into the Brass Butterflies family as you continue your pole or aerial journey.

Our goal is to place you into a level where you will feel comfortable.  We know it is often intimidating to get started at a new studio as class structures, teaching styles, techniques, and vocabulary vary from studio to studio.

If you have previous experience, it may be unnecessary for you to start from our Intro level.  Please contact the studio so we can determine what techniques and moves you already know and where those fall in our curriculum levels.  Based on this conversation, you may attend a trial class at the level we suggest for you as a starting point.  We can make adjustments after you try the class if it's not the right fit.  This will get you started with the right pre-requisites in our system to allow you to register for the appropriate curriculum level at the start of next session. It may be possible to start in the middle of an 8 week session if there is space in an appropriate class.  

Q.  How do I progress through the curriculum levels?

As you near the end of a session, your instructor will evaluate the class based on a checklist of core skills and they will let you know if they feel you're ready to move up at the start of the next session.  Once you have earned a pre-requisite, you are eligible to attend classes at that level or any level below in the same stream (pole, silks or hoop).  As the curriculum is progressive, we will require students to complete at least one 8-week session of each level before moving on and we prefer that students progress to the next level in week one of a session. It should be noted that it is expected that the average student will spend two or more full session in each level of the curriculum before moving on.  It is very important that the student is able to execute the core skills for each level with confidence and consistency before moving on to the next level for both the safety and enjoyment of the students.  Supplementing your routine with Non-curriculum classes is a great way to help you progress through the curriculum if you feel you get "stuck" in a certain level.  And, by the way, we ALL feel that way sometimes.  Don't worry, it's not a race.  Getting to the end of the curriculum (there isn't really one; our curriculum in Masters class is always growing and evolving) is not the point.  It's not about the destination but the journey and every student will get there a little differently.

Q.  How long are classes?

All classes and non-curriculum classes are typically one hour in length with a 15 minute break between consecutive classes.  We ask that students try to arrive 5-10 minutes before their classes and be dressed and ready to begin at the start time of the class.  Please be prompt for your classes as missing the warm-up could be dangerous and potentially lead to injury and it is also disruptive to the instructor and the rest of the students in the class when you join in late.

Q.  What do I wear to classes?

We wear typical workout clothing - whatever you feel comfortable to move around in.  For example yoga pants, capris or shorts and tank-tops or t-shirts.  For aerial silks and hoop, close-fitting leggings or tights that cover the backs of your knees are recommended and nothing too loose or flowing that could get tangled in the apparatus.  As you progress to the higher levels in pole, shorts are required (especially for climbing and inverting) and eventually a bare midriff is needed for some moves (we wear shorts and a sports bra in the highest level classes when practicing moves that require a side-body grip). We usually practice barefoot or wear specially designed dance socks that cover just the balls of your feet to aid pivoting.  No zippers on clothing, bracelets, watches, fitness bands, rings or other accessories that could scratch the poles or catch in the silks.  In some of our non-curriculum classes we may ask students to bring athletic shoes or high heeled dance shoes.  Please no shoes that have been worn outside or boots that have large zippers or buckles that could scratch the poles if being worn for pole choreography (Sexy Songs and Stilettos class).  Also non-marking shoes are required if being worn inside the studio.

For pole students, on the day of class, please refrain from applying hand (and in higher levels, body) lotion.  Applying products containing oil in your hair is also not advisable as you will often touch your hair without thinking about it then touch the poles.  These products make the poles slippery and can be dangerous for you and for your fellow students using your pole after you.

Q.  I’m feeling a bit nervous! What can I expect from my first class?

No worries! Most students feel shy and nervous for their first class, but once they walk through our door and enter our studio- they feel welcomed and encouraged!

Our studio is private and class sizes are kept small, with no more than 8-12 people per class in Intro and Beginner levels, so you'll get lots of one-on-one attention.  Our instructors are encouraging, non-judgmental and lots of fun!

We teach in a safe and progressive manner and will always provide modifications to exercises if a student feels something is too challenging (or not challenging enough).  Intro classes are accessible no matter your fitness level or previous experience.  Any Body can take these classes, have fun, and feel accomplished.  

You can expect each class to have a warm-up portion, some conditioning exercises to help you build strength and endurance needed for learning the core moves, poses and combinations of the curriculum, followed by working on new core moves and reviewing ones you've seen in previous weeks.  At the end of class you can expect a brief cool-down and stretching portion.  In Intro and Beginner Pole we will often end the class by "dancing it out" where you instructor will lead you through freestyle choreography, flowing together many of the moves you've learned in your classes.

Q.  How do I sign up for a class?

The best way to sign up for a class, is to visit on of our “Class Schedule” pages under the “Classes” menu and click on the class that you would like to sign up for. Pre-payment is required to hold a spot in any class. You can also view pricing options and purchase memberships through the "Pricing and Memberships" page, also found in the "Classes" menu. Please note that if you are signing up for a curriculum class session, we ask that you sign up for a "home base" class for the 8-weeks of the session.  Before the beginning of the session, please contact the studio by email or phone during reception hours to register for your 8 week session.  If you've already purchased the pricing option or membership, just let them know which class you want to register for and they will register you in all 8 weeks of the class.  You can also visit the receptionists in person during reception hours and they can help get you registered. Reception hours are posted on our studio calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting August 2016 for the September/October schedule, curriculum classes must be registered for in 8 Week sessions, even if you are purchasing a monthly membership. Online registration and the ability to cancel out of a class and register for a class other than your designated "home base" 8 Week session class, either as a makeup or with an extra membership credit, will be closed until just before the start of the 8 week session. This is to ensure that all students and members are given a guaranteed spot in their "home base" class of choice (same day and time each week for the duration of the 8 weeks). A few days before the start of the session, online registration will be opened and students will be able to manage their cancellations and registrations for the duration of the session. Note that this only applies to Curriculum Classes. Non-curriculum classes and Intro classes can still be purchased and registered for online as soon as they are posted.

The Next 8 Week Session Begins Monday, September 5th, 2016

Q.  Do you offer Drop in Classes?

We have two types of classes; Curriculum Classes and Non-curriculum classes.  Curriculum classes except for Intro classes run in 8 week sessions.  You must purchase them a session at a time although if you have previously completed a full session of a level or are currently enrolled in a session, students may have the opportunity to purchase individual classes, one at a time, if spaces are available.  Non-Curriculum classes may be registered for one at a time, without committing to a session of classes.  Pre-registration is always required although if there is space in a class you can register online right up to two hours before the start of the class.  Pre-registration ensures your spot in the class and also helps us to schedule classes.  When classes have low registration, they will sometimes be cancelled so make sure you sign up for your favourite classes in advance to avoid disappointment!

Q.  Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private and semi-private lessons. These are customized lessons, based on the clients’ interests and goals. To find out more about private lessons, please visit our Private and Semi Private Lessons page under the Classes menu.

Q.  What is your missed class policy?

Please see our studio policies page under the About menu.

Q.  What is your refund policy?

Please see our studio policies page under the About menu.

Q.  How do students benefit from Brass Butterflies classes?

At Brass Butterflies, clients are always meeting and making new friends and enjoy a true sense of community.  Students often begin to develop confidence as they notice increased muscle strength & definition.  Clients also often find that their flexibility improves as they engage in movement that works their body’s natural range of movement.  Sense of wellness increases as students learn to take a moment in their busy days to breathe, become present and enjoy the beauty of their own bodies, and, of course, laugh and have fun.

At Brass Butterflies, we strive to offer the classes you can’t find at any typical gym… workouts that are not only challenging, but unique and fun as well!

Q.  Who teaches Brass Butterflies classes?

Brass Butterflies instructors are all trained, experienced and, in the majority of cases, certified fitness professionals.  Many of our instructors share a lot with our clients as they generally were once students of our studio themselves!  Our instructors are constantly developing themselves and are also active members of the studio, attending classes and events when they aren’t instructing.

Q.  Are the pole dancing classes overly sexy?

The average woman today strives for authenticity.  Women are looking to achieve balance in their mind, body & soul.  At Brass Butterflies, we understand that a woman’s sensuality is a beautiful part of who she is and what she brings to this world.  In our studio, we teach women to unapologetically love their bodies and themselves just the way they are.  Our classes are comfortable, light-hearted and full of genuine laughter.

Q.  I haven’t worked out in a long time, or ever… will I be able to keep up?


The great thing about Intro and Beginner classes at Brass Butterflies is that everyone attending is new to this form of fitness… so everyone learns together.  Our Intro and Beginner levels are designed to gently build the strength & flexibility you will need to advance through the curriculum to higher levels.  Our classes are broken down into a progressive curriculum.  Everyone starts at the beginning (unless they did they took beginner classes at another studio) and is allowed to progress at their own pace.

Q.  Is there an age requirement to take your classes?

All classes are for adults, 18+, unless specifically otherwise designated.  We have two offerings for students under the age of 18 beginning in September 2016; Cirque Kids (Ages 8-12) and Youth Aerials (Ages 11-17).  We may accept 16-17 year olds into the adult pole, aerial and non-curriculum classes, but a parent or guardian must accompany them in person on their first visit to the studio and sign their fitness waiver for them.  Occasionally we may offer classes or workshops which will be specifically geared to having children attending the class with a parent who is also participating. Private and Semi-Private lessons are also an option at this time for children ages 8-17.  Please contact the studio to make arrangements.

Q.  Do I have to wear those crazy high heeled shoes for pole dancing classes?

Our curriculum classes are generally taught barefoot.  We do have one special non-curriculum class for pole students who are in Beginner level or higher, where we specifically require heels for the class.  This is our "Sexy Songs and Stilettos" class where we pull out all the sexy stops and have fun with choreography in heels.  Men are welcome to attend this class but they also must wear high heels and be willing to channel their "inner-Beyonce". :)  If you will be registering for this class or any other special choreography class or workshop where we ask you to wear high heels, please make sure they are specifically designed dance shoes with an ankle strap or boots without zippers or grommets that could damage the poles or floors. We know you have TONS of fabulous shoes in your closet, but unfortunately those are not all acceptable shoes for the studio. If you have any questions as to what acceptable pole shoes are, just ask us – we are happy to help.

Q.  Is there any nudity?

Nope – no nudity!  Some of our just-for-fun workshops may teach striptease techniques in the choreography but you are covered at all times.

Q. Are men allowed in class?

As of July 2016 we are changing our officially posted policy to make all of our classes gender inclusive, unless otherwise posted, whereas previously it was understood that classes were women-only unless otherwise designated.  Our pole dancing curriculum does contain movements that are traditionally or stereotypically thought of as more feminine.  However, we feel that all people, whatever your gender identification, should be able to embrace both their traditionally defined male and female sides.  We have always found that men who do request to join our classes are doing so because they want to learn, not because they wish to objectify or behave disrespectfully toward the women in the classes.  We have a code of conduct for ALL students, regardless of gender identity, and disrespectful, exclusionary, hateful, or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated in our studio by ANY person towards another.  Any person breaking this code of conduct will be asked to leave without a refund for uncompleted services.

Q.  Are you an inclusive studio/safe space for the LGBTQ community?

Yes, absolutely.  Brass Butterflies strives to offer a safe space where everyone is welcome.  We will not tolerate hateful, discriminatory, disrespectful or harmful behaviour from any person in our studio.  Anyone displaying such behaviour through their words or actions will be asked to leave.

For Transgender or gender non-specified students, we do have "male" and "female" designated change rooms, and you are welcome to use whichever one feels more appropriate for you.  If you are not comfortable with that situation, we also have an accessible bathroom with a shower and a door that can be locked, that you are welcome to use.

Q.  Do you sell gift certificates?

We sure do! Our gift certificates are the perfect gift and they are available in any denomination. You can purchase electronic gift certificates on our website or in the studio at reception.

Q.  I am, or a friend is, getting married/celebrating a milestone birthday/just want to have some extra fun! Do you host parties or private events?

Absolutely!  We host parties for ANY occasion! Please visit the “Parties” menu of our website for more information.

Q.  Is there a weight limit for class?

There is no weight limit for our classes.  Our equipment and rigging is rated for very high weights.  

Q.  I don’t have a dance or gymnastics background (and to tell you the truth, I’m not even that coordinated!). Can I still take class?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, most of our students have no dance background. (And you might be surprised to find out how coordinated you are after a few classes!)

Q.  What if I want to take more than one class a week?

We think that’s a great idea! Check out information about pricing and memberships under the classes menu.

Q.  How much do classes cost?

For complete pricing information, please visit the “Pricing and Memberships" page under the “Classes” menu

Q.  I have NO upper body strength! Can I still take class?

You sure can! Our classes will help you build upper body strength!

Have a great day and if you have a question that we have not answered here please free to contact us.

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