Pole and Aerial Small Group Fitness Studio

Studio Policies and Etiquette

At Brass Butterflies, we appreciate your business and want to continue to offer the quality and variety of classes that are unique to our studio. Please read the policies below that help us to keep these standards high and allow us to offer you the flexibility that has become our standard.

Code of Conduct:

At Brass Butterflies our code of conduct is simple and applies to ALL students and staff.  Disrespectful, exclusionary, hateful, or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated in our studio by ANY person towards another. Anyone displaying such behaviour through their words or actions will be asked to leave without a refund or other compensation for uncompleted services.  Disruptive or unsafe behaviour may also result in warnings, being asked to sit out or leave a class or eventual cancellation of memberships or pricing options without refund.

Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be offered for class passes, individual credits, membership payments or pre-paid appointments (i.e. private or semi-private lessons).    Extension of pricing option (credit) expiry dates may be granted at management’s discretion in cases of a serious medical condition or injury which prevents you from using your credits before the expiry date.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the expiry date of class credits when purchasing and to book and attend classes before the credits expire.

Pre-Registration/Late Cancel/No-Show Policy:

Pre-registration is required for all classes, workshops and appointments (appointments include private and semi-private lessons, parties and private workshops).  Online registration will close 2 hours before the start of the class. Less than two hours before the start of a class you should call the studio to find out if registration is still possible.

The late cancellation window is the minimum amount of time before the scheduled start of a class, workshop or appointment that is required  to give adequate notice to the studio that you will not be attending.  Different types of classes will have different late cancellation windows.  This is important to aid the studio in scheduling and staffing and also to allow students who may be on the waiting list for a class to have the opportunity to attend.  The late cancel window for Curriculum Classes is currently 24 hours.  The Late Cancel window for Non-Curriculum Classes and Practices, Private and Semi-Private Lessons is currently 12 hours.  Guest Instructor Workshops have a late cancel window of 7 days.  Parties and Private Workshops have different cancellation policies.  Please see below in the Party and Private Event Booking section.  

It is the student’s responsibility to cancel their registration in the class using our online registration system or app.  If this is not possible, cancellation via e-mail or phone may be acceptable but this should be arranged in advance with the studio management.

If the student cancels before the late cancellation window, this is considered “Early Cancelling” and your class credit will revert to your account to be used toward a future class before the pricing option (credit’s) expiry date.  If you cancel after the late-cancel window has begun, or are a no-show for that class, no refunds or credits will be provided and your credit will be considered used.  For VIP members (holders of VIP membership with unlimited credits), if you pre-register for a class and late cancel or no-show, your credit card on file may be charged the value of a single class credit for each missed class.  This also applies to regular memberships - if a class had a waiting list or was full and you late cancel or no-show, you may be charged a fee equivalent to the cost of a single class credit for that class in addition to losing your credit.  Habitual late cancelling and no-showing for classes with no explanation (more than three times in a month) may result in you losing your privilege of priority for reserving spots in classes and your registration will be bumped to the waiting list for full classes.  Studio Management will contact you to give you the opportunity to remedy the situation before this measure is put in place (warning).  Last minute illness and emergencies will be taken into consideration. Contact the studio in these cases and management may early cancel you after the late cancel window has started, at their discretion.  If Brass Butterflies cancels the class, no fees will be charged and your credit will revert to your account.

Brass Butterflies reserves the right to cancel a class due to low registration, inclement weather, instructor illness, or any other reason.  If the studio cancels a class and you have pre-registered and pre-paid for that class, your credit will revert to your account.  In the event of  cancelling a class near the end of your credit’s expiry date, extensions to the expiry date may be made at management’s discretion.  Inquire with studio management in these cases.

Exceptions to this policy may be made solely at the discretion of the studio management.

Class Cancellation Due to Low Registration

It will be the practice of studio management to check class registration numbers the day before a class.  Any Curriculum class with less than 3 people and any Non-Curriculum class with less than 4 people registered may be cancelled. The studio may chose to run a class with fewer people registered, at management’s discretion, or we may try to merge classes or provide alternatives to the students who are registered before cancelling (if the studio cancels a class that you are registered for, your credit will revert to your account, even if the cancellation occurs within the late cancel window).  To avoid disappointment, TRY NOT TO WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF THE CLASS TO REGISTER.

Waitlist Policy

Classes that book up to capacity have waitlists.  Waitlist capacity will vary depending on the class.  After adding yourself to the waitlist for a class, if another student who is registered in the class early or late cancels up to 3 hours before the class start time, you will automatically be added to the class.  You will be notified that you’ve been added to a class from the waitlist by e-mail.  If you are on a waitlist, please be sure to check your email regularly leading up to the date/time of the class.

Wait lists will lock 3 hours before the start of a class and students on the waitlist will no longer automatically be added to the class after that time. If space becomes available in a class after the waitlist locks due to a late cancellation, the studio will endeavour to contact anybody still on the wait list by phone or text to ask if they would still like to join. There will be no penalties for no longer wishing to join after the wait list has locked.  However, if you are on the waitlist and get added to the class after the late cancel window has started but before the waitlist locks (between 12 or 24 and 3 hours before the class), you WILL be subject to the late cancel/no-show policies, so please manage your waitlists by assuming that you will be added to the class. If you know you will no longer be able to attend a class that you are on the waitlist for, please try to cancel yourself off the waitlist before the late cancel window begins.

Late Arrivals

Students should be in the studio and prepared to begin by the designated start time of their class. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of class may be denied entry to the class and considered a late-cancel/no-show (lose their credit).  This is due to safety concerns arising from the student missing the warm-up and also due to the disruption of the class for the other students if the instructor has to pause the class to give special instructions to the student who has arrived late.  Please be respectful of your instructor and fellow students and try to arrive on time.

Mobile Devices and Photography

Please switch off your mobile phones and devices during class and leave them off the studio floor. If you have to take/make a call or text during class, please step outside the studio or into the change room, waiting room, or reception area.

You may take photographs between classes or during class if the instructor invites it, however please keep these guidelines in mind:

1) Please be safe. Please do not attempt moves between classes that you cannot complete safely without instruction or spotting.

2) Please be respectful of other people in the studio who may not wish to be photographed. Ask them politely to move out of the background of your photo or take it at a different angle.

3) Social Media etiquette: We encourage you to share photographs of yourself taken in our studio on social media. a) Please keep the messaging positive. b) Please tag the studio’s social media accounts, if possible. c) If there are other people in your photograph, even if they consented to being photographed, please do not tag them without their permission.

Etiquette for Use of Equipment Before/Between/After Class

If you arrive early and lessons are in progress, you may wait in the change rooms, upstairs lounge, reception area or the waiting area between reception and the pole studio.  If you will be crossing through any of the studios to get to any of these areas, please be careful, stay to the side walls and out of the path of students executing moves, and try not to disrupt the class.  If you are waiting in one of the areas that are adjacent or open to an instructional area, please try to keep conversations quiet so that you are not distracting or disrupting the class in progress.

Pole Studio
You may use the poles in the pole studio up to 15 minutes before your class starts and during the break between classes, provided the class or lesson before yours has ended (please do not join in a class in progress or enter the main studio and start using a pole if a class is still in progress, even if it has gone over its scheduled time).  If an instructor is using the studio to setup up or prepare for class, they may request that you not enter and use the poles until your scheduled class time.   If you do use the poles before/between classes, please respect the following guidelines and etiquette and note different guidelines for the aerials studio, below:

1) Be Safe.  If practicing before your class, please make sure you are warmed up enough for the moves you are attempting. Please do not attempt moves that you cannot complete safely without instruction or spotting.

2) Please respect the instructors’ time. The break before/after/between classes is meant to be a break for your instructor who may be teaching several classes in a row that day/evening. They also may have other duties to complete (i.e. opening/closing the studio, setting up for the next class). Asking general questions about classes, the studio, etc. is fine, even encouraged, although the receptionists can also help you with this, but please do not ask your instructor to teach you or spot you in between classes.  

Aerial Studio

Due to the nature of the rigging in the aerial studio, we will often need the time before and between classes to change out apparatus or to inspect the rigging for safety.  Please do not use the aerial apparatus outside class time.  As above, please also respect your instructor's time before or between classes as they may need that time to set up the studio for the next class or prepare for the next class.  If you would like time to practice on the aerial equipment outside your scheduled class, Aerial Practice/Open Gym times are posted on the schedule and you can register for those using your non-curriculum membership credits or paying as you go.


A valid credit card is required to be kept on file for all Memberships and automatic renewals are charged to the credit card.  Alternate payment arrangements must be discussed with studio management.    Membership agreements are paperless and maintained in the online registration system.  The member must confirm their contract online or the studio owner will confirm on their behalf with the member’s written authorization.  Note that this is a binding contract and your electronic confirmation is equivalent to a signature.  Please read the membership/auto-pay contract carefully.  Pre-registration for all classes is still required and should be managed through the online registration system or app.

Party and Private Event Bookings and Deposits

In order to reserve your preferred date and time for a private party, workshop or studio rental, we require a $100 deposit for the one hour Studio Party Package or or $150 for any Extended Studio Party Package or Party Add-ons.  The deposit will be applied against the total cost of the party/workshop and you pay the balance on the day of the event. The deposit is non-refundable however you can reschedule your party to another date until 14 days before your chosen date. If you cancel altogether 14 days or more before your reserved date, the deposit can be applied as a credit towards future classes/services in the studio. Between 14 and 7 days before your party, you get half of the deposit back as a credit and if you cancel or reschedule to another date within 7 days of your booking, you lose the deposit.  We will always attempt to accommodate rescheduling the time of your party within the same day, depending on availability, with no penalty.  Exceptions to this policy may be made due to extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of the studio management.  

Inclement Weather Policy

At any time, the studio may chose to cancel classes in the case of inclement weather/dangerous travel conditions.  Should the weather forecast be calling for potentially hazardous conditions, the studio will send out an e-mail and post on Facebook as early as possible to alert students to the possibility of a cancellation.  Once alerted, we will endeavour to make the call and communicate cancellations a minimum of 2 hours before the posted start time of the class.  If the studio cancels classes due to weather, all registrations will be early-cancelled and credits will be returned to the students’ accounts.  If the studio choses to run classes and keep the studio open but a student choses not to travel to class at their own discretion and it is within the late-cancel window, the student should notify the studio and the studio management may chose to early cancel the student’s registration, at their discretion.  No refunds will be provided for class cancellations due to inclement weather.  For Workshops and Parties, exceptions to the no-refund policy may be made at the discretion of management.

These policies supersede any previously posted policies and any previously dated policies on written documents including those outlined in paper membership contracts and may be changed at any time at the discretion of Brass Butterflies management.

Last update: August 2016

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