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Flights of Fancy:  A Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase

Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Flights of Fancy - A Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase

ACT I - Pole Studio

Pole Troupe:

The pole troupe is made up of Emily Chisholm, Stacey Willick, Kathryn Paterson, Joyce Tsui, Shannon Powell, and Megan Pollock.  These talented advanced students are all regulars around Brass Butterflies and you are likely to see at least one of their smiling faces around the studio at any given time. The number they have put together takes the audience on a trip through time, showing off the music and dance styles of different decades, and injecting some more modern pole dance moves as well.  Buckle up, the time machine is leaving!

Daniel Corrigan - Snake Eater:

Daniel is a session musician from Dunrobin, Ontario who now resides in K-W. He started as a flautist but found his calling when he switched to double bass. His interests include boxes…

This routine is based on the game “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”. It acts out the main boss fights of the game: The Pain - a beekeeper, The Fear - a lizard-man, The Ladder - a literal ladder, and The Boss - the mother of the special forces.

Gabrielle Labonte - Gravity:

Gabrielle only started taking pole lessons a couple of months ago at Brass Butterflies, but she participated in ballet and jazz classes for many years. She was drawn to try pole dancing after she saw a video of someone performing a piece of pole dancing choreography in ballet pointe shoes and realised how versatile and unique it can be.

What Gabrielle wants to convey with this choreography is a visual representation of trying to break free of something or someone that is holding you back. What she loves most about the lyrics of  the song "Gravity" is that they can mean different things to different people.  For some people, they might relate to an abusive relationship or an addiction, whereas Gabrielle connected to this song because of her past struggles with breaking free from an eating disorder.

Ashley Hall - Motivation:

Ashley has been dancing at Brass Butterflies for two years. This is her first solo performance and she choreographed it completely on her own. She is known around the studio for her sexy style and attitude when she dances.  

Wanning Luo - Trouble:

Wanning has been poling for two and a half years, and for those of you who have tried pole dancing, you know that it comes with many peaks and valleys. In fact much of the time, it may seem like you're stuck in a gigantic valley of stagnant progress, which can get really frustrating.  She would like to thank her pole fam at Brass Butterflies for always being there to reminder her that she can chose to climb out of that valley and they'll be there to help her the whole way.  She has created this routine that deviates from her usual style to express these sentiments, and she hopes you enjoy it.

Laura Nickels - Here:

Laura has lost track of how many years she has been pole dancing for... but she has been instructing pole and fitness classes for around 6 years. She has never felt particularly gifted in the "flowy" "dancy" or "sexy" aspect of pole, which is often what first comes to mind when people think about pole dance. She has always felt more comfortable with the strength side of the sport. Her routine is about a girl at a party, who is confident in her own skin and isn't afraid to go against the grain and embrace herself.  She attempted to fill her routine with moves that make her feel powerful and strong, which embraces the side of pole that she loves most. 

Sue Oh - Heaven:

Sue started pole dancing about four years ago, and since then pole has been a big part of her life. After joining Brass Butterflies in September of 2015, she learned various tricks such as Allegra and Pegasus which you can find in this routine. This piece was inspired by her passion and love for the pole dancing and the way it makes her feel. Enjoy!

Caidence Paleske - The Desert Princess:

Behold - a barren, desert wasteland. Vast expanses of golden sand extend for hundreds of miles with no living thing in sight. In the centre of this desert, there lives a princess. Guarded by pits of venomous cobras, she rules this land. For those daring enough to make the journey, you will be greeted with her attempt at hypnotic control. She needs faithful servants after all! If you are lucky enough to resist, you may join her in her castle and enjoy the royal pleasures for all eternity. But for those who fall prey to her tricks, you will remain her faithful servant - forever. 

Kim - Just a Girl:

Kim has been in pole fitness for just over 2 years now and trains mainly at Studio Chic in London, Ontario.  After a few years of weight training in the gym, she was finding her workouts were becoming boring. She gave pole fitness a try and immediately loved the challenges, goal-setting and social aspects of pole.  She found her pole family of fiercely strong women and hasn't looked back since.  

Today she'll be telling you a story about a girl finding her place in the world, struggling with people's opinions of what she should be as a girl and who girls can be. Kim would like to thank her instructor Suzy and her friend Nicole for their help with choreography of this routine.

Wanning and Joyce Tsui - Pony

Joyce and Wanning started pole dancing together in January 2015. Joyce first wanted to try it out, and Wanning followed suit even though Joyce said she would have gone through with it even if Wanning said "neigh".  Even so, that did not affect their "mane"-ly "stable" relationship and so, here they are "HO-rsing" around one last time before "riding" off their separate ways into real life. 

Suzy Giannakopoulos - If I Was Your Vampire:

Suzy has been pole dancing for 7 years and has truly found her passion. After being inspired by one of her instructors a few years back to start competing, she  truly found her calling and own style which dabbles in both power pole and erotic. Now an instructor herself she loves teaching choreo and helping her students on their own pole journeys. Suzy placed first in the 2016 Toronto pro show semi pro division, second in 2016 Vertical Love Pro Division, and, more recently, placed Third at the the 2017 Women's Open at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio, Second in Pro at the 2017 CPFA Toronto Pro Supershow, and First in Erotic Elite at The North American Pole Championships. Her pole journey is just beginning and she can't wait to see what the future holds. She will be dancing to Marilyn Manson's, "If I was Your Vampire". In this piece the character is emerging from a dark place filled with anxiety and self doubt. It's all about the character not caring about what the world thinks and growing, evolving and gaining confidence through the dance.


ACT II - Arial Studio

Dani A - Sound of Silence:

Dani has been taking aerial arts lessons at Brass Butterflies since November of 2016. Although she feels she struggled through one Beginner Aerial Hammock course and three rounds of Beginner Aerial Silks, Dani has never been happier.  She often says that circus arts have saved her life.  She loves her Brass Butterflies family (thank you to Nicole, Katy, Steph and all the wonderful instructors), and she is enjoying living life upside-down. She hopes you enjoy this simple, down-to-earth, beginner hammock routine about questioning authority in a world that desires a leader and blindly follows. Dani is dancing to a song made famous originally by Simon and Garfunkel; covered in a hauntingly beautiful way by Disturbed.

Celeste (CC) Chambers - Valentines Day:

Celeste is a young aerialist, who has been participating in aerial silks for less than a year.  She has a knack for activities that require large quantities of strength, and aerials were right up her alley. Celeste hopes to continue with silks and other circus-like apparatuses for as long as she can, and encourages others to give them a shot or try anything new.  Considering this is her first performance, she's looking to make Sara Greenberg, her biggest inspiration for circus-ing, proud!

The story behind this silks performance is heavily lyric based. It's about the loss of a loved one, whether it be a family member, partner or friend and the struggles a death can hold. The movements during this performance represent the emotional falls and climbs when faced with the passing of someone close; the fall into depression, the struggle to climb back out. The makeup and character being portrayed is an embodiment of depression, guilt, fear, and other emotions that follow a death.  Ceecee created this routine and chose her music and theme well before the tragic death of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, in the week leading up to the showcase.  She would like to dedicate her performance to Chester.  

Lara Jeftic - Westworld:

Lara is an undergrad student, studying physics at UW.  She started taking silks lessons with Andrea in the fall and has been in love with the silks ever since!
Lara's music is from the soundtrack of Westworld, a sci-fi show featuring artificially intelligent robots.  Her story is based on that concept.  In her performance, she will be playing a robot who was just created and is exploring the human world for the first time.

Nicole Smith - Mangos:

Nicole is a veterinary technician who lives right outside of Stratford with her partner and many animals. Nicole is an animal advocate by day and a circus advocate by night.

Luna, the crazy mango lady has lost her mind from being cooped up too long in the 1950's. 
And now she has broken free into the village to peacock herself and declare her new found freedom. All she has to offer are mangos and papayas.

A. Sloth - Daydream:

Sloths are tree dwelling animals usually found in the jungles of Central and South America with an average moving speed on trees at about 3 metres per minute. In the past it was believed that sloths slept around 15-20 hours, however it is now thought to be about 10 hours a day. Despite the sluggish movement this sloth is awake, but don't be surprised if they get caught in a daydream…

Leah Skerry - House of the Rising Sun:

Leah fell in love with hoop after taking her first class at Brass Butterflies, last September.  Since then, she has spent every possible free hour, outside of running her education start-up, training and dancing.  Leah currently resides in Toronto and trains at Cirque-Ability.

Aerial Troupe - Pirates (and Mermaids) of the Carribean:

The aerial troupe features Carly Burke, Ghazal Toluie, Kianna Wan, Maya D'Alessio, Nicholas Cooper and Robyn Beckett.  Each of these performers have been training for a year or less on their apparatuses and have accomplished so much during this rehearsal period.  Enjoy a trip to a more tropical climate as they create both love and war in their performance of Pirates (and Mermaids) of the Caribbean!
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